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US Study says that a quarter of employees in every organization complain about long meetings as being unproductive and a distraction to work. Despite having a negative view about formal meetings in the boring room, there are meetings which are absolutely worth every employee. These short, daily meetings are called huddles. These meetings usually taking lasts for about 15 minutes and are conducted before the start of the day or shift.

How are huddles significant for the organization? How It Should Be Conducted?

• Firstly it is significant that a huddle is initiated with good news or something exciting which could motivate everyone. These pieces of information keep the employee going for the rest of the day.
• Once energy is felt by everyone one can jump to th/e critical numbers for the previous day or maybe for the current day in a language that could be understandable by everyone. These numbers can highly motivate employees. • The next part of the huddle is moved by asking for suggestions, giving a platform for new people to speak about. It helps to make the environment friendlier.
• It is also important to talk about what is going wrong in the working of employees. A few moments need to be spending to assess the previous goals and strategies and what is the scope of improvement for everyone.
• Well, any huddle is incomplete without a good ending. Employees need to be cheered up so that they could work with motivation for the entire day.

These short meetings thus keep everyone informed about the work that needs to be done. It can help to save everyone’s time in going through the needless email updates.

Important things for consideration in a good huddle:

a. Timings
b. Setting
c. People who attend the meeting
d. People who conduct the huddle
e. Planned agenda

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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