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India has dreamt of digital India, India where technology will be available at everyone’s fingertips, and India which will unite the nation. If that happens India’s future definitely looks bright. However have you ever wondered what would actually happen if digital technology gets to play a crucial role in Indian weddings? Well, the thought seems to amuse me. So let me take you all to these hilarious contemplation. Have a look; I am sure you will have some big laughs for the day.

1. Just imagine if you don’t get to eat food if you haven’t paid a cash voucher on weddings?

While Indian weddings are all about food and eating the maximum in the least possible currency. Does it happen in your home as well that if you are paying 500 Rs in a wedding of a neighbour or some distant relative the senior member of your family tries that at least 3-4 people go to the wedding? Also, there are some people who hardly give any money voucher. Now when they do the same in future what would actually happen with them? Will they get to eat anything? Doesn’t seem like.

2. Fancy food items are locked because you paid a cash voucher of fewer amounts:

Imagine you are not able to eat your favourite ice-creams or desert because that is restricted to the guests who have paid the vouchers of higher currency. Well, seems hilarious but it can happen in the nearby future.

3. You don’t have to worry about cards or physical money:

The mode of paying gifts and cash would certainly be changed in Digital India. There would be the provision of Paytm, Google pay and direct transfer in banks in weddings. Relatives will also be given gifts and cash digitally. So yes on this front things would definitely get simpler, Right?

4. Save paper, because digital cards would be future:

Forget the stress of going to every guest house and giving those gifts and invitation cards because DIGITAL India would definitely be one where digital cards along with gifts would be done online.

Share your ideas for digital weddings?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits-Nimisha Mittal

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