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Emoji are fun! They are filled with emotions. Words can fail, Emoji cannot, and that’s the power of emoji. The immense potential of emoji to convey meanings to the people is what made the popular brands to use the emoji for their marketing campaigns. Here are 5 popular brands which have used them to provide a unique experience to the users.

1. Dead pool:

The use of emoji by Dead Pool is one of the most creative ones. It used the Poop emoji for the release of the movie on the billboard. People were left in wonder what exactly what was the movie, to which a new post of the upcoming movie SKULLPOOPL was released on Twitter.

2. Domino’s Pizza:

Domino’s used the emoji to provide a unique digital experience to the customers. Users could simply re-order the pizza simply by tweeting pizza emoji to @dominios, the order of which was confirmed through a message. This digital experience provided customers with fun and convenience.

3. McDonald’s:

McDonald’s used the emoji to tell the unique story experience to the customers. It used the series of emoji which conveyed happiness is connoted with burgers. The campaign was to drive a positive attitude towards the brand.

4. Coca Cola:

The brand was the first brand to use the paid emoji on Twitter. The campaign also set record globally for receiving “World’s Largest Cheers’, recording over 170,500 Twitter mentions. It asked the users to share #Shareacoke emoji.

5. Burger King:

After the permanent return of Chicken Fries in the market, it created an Emoji keyboard to commemorate for the same. The ranges of silly expressions were used on Chicken Fries boxes.

Which one you liked the most?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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