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Our imaginations can certainly push us off the edge diving into the extreme deep seas. Whenever something wrong happens with us we jump off to the extreme possibilities, no matter how much they are silly. Here are some hilarious situations that happen in everyday life when we make out some funny illogical conclusions. I am sure you will have some sidesplitting memories of your life.

Hilarious Situations When We Jump Off To Extreme Possibilities:

1. When we get a headache continuously for 2-3 days

From thinking about migraine to the biggest disease possible our mind can go to any extremes when it comes to our sickness. Our mind thinks about the dangerous type of disease existing. Funny but I guess most of you can completely relate it. Right?

2. When there is a delay in Periods

The idea of what are the symptoms of pregnant women makes us think about being pregnant whenever we feel nausea, vomiting. The possibility may be that it would be ‘Gas problem’ but our mind only goes in one particular direction.

3. When our hair starts falling

While pollution and harmful chemicals in our shampoos is the reason why most of us have to face this problem, we think of cancer as a possibility when the problem goes to the extreme.

4. When a new person gets hired for the related profile in the organization

Everyone is so much insecure about their jobs that even when they are little suspicious of something happening in the organization our mind does not take time to think that we might we losing our jobs. Relatable?

5. When someone has gone outside and they don’t pick our call

Here are some of the other situations too.

6. When our tests did not go well in schools

7. If our partner is online and they are not replying to our messages

8. When we get continuously sick for days

Tell us what is the most extreme reaction you have had ever in your life?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits-Nimisha Mittal

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