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Well, India is precisely out of the world cup but our mind is still stuck with that. We still cannot process that we won’t be playing the finale of the 12th edition of the world cup. No! We refuse to admit that! Our heart still wants to have some magical happen; we hope and can just hope in spite of knowing that it cannot happen in any way possible. When it comes to love for cricket there is nothing like logic, our fantasies and expectations remain alive forever. Such is the love for cricket deeply embedded in our hearts that we can possibly try anyway out.

Here is a list of few superstitions which are blindly followed by almost every cricket fan, no matter how much illogical they are:

1. Sitting on the similar seat:

While where are you sitting and how you are sitting, what you are doing does not make any difference in the outcome of the match we still believe deep in our heart that it would impact the match result. ‘Aree last time maine uss room mein dekha tha aur India har gayi thi match’ (India could not win the previous match because I sat in that room). So yes we don’t take the risk of watching the match by sitting on a similar seat.

2. Black Magic/Prayers-

Indian fans certainly tend to have deep faith in black magic and prayers and believe that it can strongly affect the performance of any player and the result of the match. Thus, it is normal to hear phrases like ‘Pakistan ne kala jadu kiya hoga pakka’( Pakistan must have done some black magic).

3. Presence/Absence of people watching the match:

According to some people presence and absence of certain people watching the match with them will affect the outcome of the match. So they prefer watching/ avoiding them when there is some important match of team India because we cannot afford to see them losing. Right?

4. Our words are really powerful:

‘ Itna negative kyo bol re ho, out ho jayega wo’( Why are you being so negative, he would get out now) ‘ Dekha maine bola tha na six hoga’( See I told you it would be six). So yes we have this belief that what we say will make a difference in how players are playing the match.

From wearing lucky t-shirts to not/ watching match on the phone the list of these superstitions is just endless. What are your superstitions related to the match?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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