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We have been listening right from our childhood that “Abhi padh lo phir toh aish hi aish hai’ and who would have actually thought that it was the biggest lie every parent has told to their kids. When we went to class 10th and 12th we were made to believe that these were few struggling years of our left and what actually is the truth was discovered a lot after that. The journey from getting admission in a good college to getting a job was not at all easy. While we thought our life would finally get sorted after getting a job it was the time that we discovered that it was actually ‘THE BIGGEST MYTH’ of our lives.

Here is the reality of some of the things that we expect at workplaces:

1. When we get a job:

While we worked our ass-off to finally make a decent job of our interest the journey after getting that wasn’t easy just we thought. From managing our work targets without getting bored was something which required a lot of efforts and motivation to surviving every day in the office wasn’t easy at all.

2. When we have worked for a few years:

I assume a lot of us planned for working for few years, getting some experience and then starting some venture of ours, that could be either some YouTube channel, to be a blogger or starting some business because no one imagines their entire life working under someone else. Right? But how far it becomes a reality? I guess you must be laughing at your situation.

3. When we put our 100% efforts in the company:

While going an extra-mile with our efforts would be enough for getting a hike in our salary and position is what we thought, however, the reality was exactly not what we thought.

4. When we plan long weekends:

Since college we had been planning trips but our financial situation didn’t permit us to do that and we kept all our dreams in a treasure thinking to fulfil them when the right time would come but while we thought getting a job was just the right time we were thinking, it wasn’t the same.

Here are some more of it:

5. When we plan a list of things to buy because finally we are employed:

6. When we are working in a reputed company:

7. When we start to work on our business:

Tell us about your expectations v/s reality…

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits-Nimisha Mittal

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