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You are dying to go on a trip with your friends, seems exciting! You planned most of the things but planning a trip is not the only thing required to make that plan work because the chances that your plan actually does not just ends as a plan you have to walk a really difficult path. The biggest hurdle has always been getting a go-ahead signal from parents. Yes, I know if you are male things not getting permission has not been a thing but it takes a lot for a girl to convince parents, especially her father.

Here are some of the amusing things we used to do in childhood when we wanted to take the consent of parents regarding something:

1. Trying ‘Mother card’:

Convincing the mother was a bit easy to convincing a father. So we always try to emotionally blackmail mothers and then later ask her to speak to father because asking father directly made us hell scared. So we used to take help of her to convince father but a lot of times she actually used to change her side.

2. Waiting for ‘GOOD MOOD’ time:

I clearly remember how we used to keep a close watch on his mood and wait for that ‘perfect time’ when his mood was good so that we could exploit his good mood to ask for permission. Wait! Was that successful always?

3. Preparing a ‘Lie-proof’ plan:

Convincing him was never an easy task. We have had to make a full proof plan, with some strong lies and little truth. Like I remember in my college time I had to say it was an educational trip and it was mandatory to go. So yes lies were to be used.

4. ‘Emotional card’ always help:

‘This would be last time, I won’t ask again’, I will secure this much marks’ were some of the emotional cards that we used to convince them to ask for permission.

If all of the siblings were involved in any such of an outing we all used to pass the responsibility of doing that on each other all this time.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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