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Our parents are sicker than our grandparents, we are sicker than our parents. When it comes to resistance, we are far aloof from our parents and so are parents from the previous generations. While our grandparents started suffering from the troubles like knee pain, difficult to walk, the problem of diabetes in there 70’s or more, we have become victims of the same problems at such a small age and undeniably our body is not even close to theirs.

The core of the problem lies in our lifestyles; basically, the food we eat. We all have been hearing from our grandparents about how they used to consume ghee, butter, curd and milk in their diet. These products helped to stay active not only when they were young but even in the later phase of their life as well. These food habits helped them to stay away from heart diseases, diabetes, problems of blood pressures.

I clearly remember my grandmother used to tell me how she had never taken medicines for headaches, in fact, she never has had such problems in her life. It was only during the later phase of life she got sick and that too was nothing if we compare ourselves with them. The numbers of problems we have had are much more than they had in their later phase of life.

Not just the previous generations if you would have seen, talked, observed the poor people on the streets you would know barely suffer from diseases like diabetes, obesity? What is the reason behind it? The answer is quite simple. In the age of multichannel food chains, we have become so habitual of eating unhealthy fast food from popular outlets like McDonalds, Dominos, and Subway that it is affecting us badly.

The best part is we are well acquainted with all the detrimental effects of this food yet we choose to do nothing and remain ignorant about it. Having said that there are some unknown truths about the fast food that we consume, for instance, the McDonalds fries, with which we are actually in love with, have endless chemicals, preservatives in it.

These chemicals help to make them look beautiful even for a day or even more. While we all get engrossed by the visual appeal of them and prefer them over homemade fries the truth is these chemicals are so toxic that even the fungus and other bacteria remain affected by them and we human beings are still happily consuming it, in fact enjoying it and it’s just not about the fries all other fast foods that we consume are prepared using similar kinds of toxins and to make us so sick that we don’t even realize it.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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