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While friendship is always a wonderful thing and every friend is special to you in its own way. It is also a fact that you share a very different and special bond with each one like you share with no one else. Here are different types of friends that everyone has in their lives and you remember them for different reasons at different point of your because there are things that are possible just with that unique ‘special friend’

1. You feel that something is missing when you behave normally with them:

There are some friends who are the first whenever we need them and those of you who have such a friend is lucky than anyone else. The other ones are those who are always remembered for their mischievous behaviour. They will always entertain you with their witty sense of humour and PJ. It feels abnormal when they are normal because you have never seen that.

2. The one who always fights with you:

While you are always fighting, arguing with them in anything and everything you talk about, you really miss that when they are not contradicting you. So you are the one who is always famous among the group for opposing each other views and this is how everyone recognizes your friendship.

3. The one with always give you ‘advice therapies’:

Certainly every friend has a different role in our lives. Of many roles, the one significant character that a friend plays is of ‘counsellor’. From relationship to life to work, they are the one you always look up to. You have a very strong faith in their abilities to take decisions so whenever you need an opinion they are the one you contact to.

Do you have these special friends in your life?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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