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"Duanwu Festival" or simply the Dragon Boat Festival is commemorating the fealty, the traditions which govern a way of life and filial piety, which is a virtue of respect for parents and elders. The festival is also known as “the fifth Day festival” as it occurs on 5th day or month of Chinese traditional calendar (reckons years, months according to the astronomical phenomena)

Important rituals associated with the festival:

1. Dragon boat racing:

The tradition of boat racing dates back to 2500 years originated in South Central China to pay tribute to Qu Yuan, who is the Chinese poet and politician and was slandered by jealous government officials and he drowned himself to the river. People jumped into the river to recover the body. Every year people hold the boat in the shape of the dragon to commemorate Qu.

2. Food:

Food is an important part of this festival. Chinese believes that eating Zongi (rice dumpling) on the day would bring good luck to them. Along with it, there is a tradition of eating food associated with 5. For instance, rice porridge made from 5 different beans is eaten on the day. A Chinese yellow wine which acts a common antidote against poison is also part of the festival.

3. Silk Threaded Braid:

It is believed that by braiding silk threads of 5 colours and putting on children waist it will take away all the evil spirits and disease away.

Apart from that, there are traditions games in which egg is made to stand at exactly 12:00 noon, and if a person succeeds in doing that it is believed that person will receive luck for the next year.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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