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We usually switch between our different personas without even knowing it. Why does that happen? Does our workplace personality different from our persona in our personal life? Does it happen with everyone? Does everyone have multiple personalities?

Well, the workplace environment and ethics are quite alike from our personal spaces and thus we are expected to behave differently. It is likely that extroverts in the personal spaces do speak less in the professional space and vice-versa. Why does that happen exactly?

The workplace expectations bind you to follow certain norms which ultimately affect the way a person behaves. For instance, it is likely that we don’t like a certain person because they are always engaged in office politics or the kind of give you negative vibes but you cannot exactly say them anything. You can simply ignore them and thus chooses to remain silent.

While it is not necessary that the person likes to remain silent but situations or people around them have forced them to become what they are not in reality. Though we have the choice to choose people around us in the personal choice we lack the freedom to make that choice in our professional spaces. Thus, we end up having multiple personalities in both the spheres?

However, the other important question is it correct to do that? Should we live in our world just because we don’t like them? While on one hand, we can make this choice in our personal life we should avoid doing it in our workspaces because workspace codes expect us that we have a good circle around us as it affects our workplace image and growth as well.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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