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It’s the holy month of Ramadan where worshippers are drawn closer to God with its long days of fasting and prayer. While for some Iftar or Ramzan is a lot more than having a rigorous fast and breaking at the sunset during the holy month. There are some people who are using the opportunity to build bonds with a different religion.

While Roza holds an untold significance in the month of Ramzan where Muslims abide by the strict fasting norms and going against these rules considered unholy, a Muslim broke this sacramental putting the humanity above the traditions.

Ladon, a man in Nagor district of Rajasthan broke his Roza to save a pregnant woman whom he did not know. The person tells that he received a Whatsapp message asking for blood, which was not available in the nearby locality. Seeing the critical condition of women he decided to help as doctors told waiting for the evening to open the fast could put the women in danger.

This truly is an example of how humanity is still above any caste, colour or religion and it definitely an inspiration for the other people of society who turns rebellious in the name of religion.

In another deed of humanity, two Hyderabad-based NGOs are celebrating by providing Iftar to jail inmates for 26 years. There are about 750 inmates including men, women and children kept in juvenile homes who fast during this month and Majlis Dawat-ul-Islam and Jamaat-e-Islami, the two NGO’S have been serving food to them. Every year they receive the prior permission from the jail to provide iftar to them.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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