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While some people have it, others don’t have it. However, most of the people definitely fake it, not their presence but their charisma. It is natural that everyone wishes to stand out from the crowd but when people resort to unethical practices and push other people down how far is it correct?

1. ‘Originality’.

While the key to stand out from the crowd is ‘originality’. How many of us exactly go with it. While we wish to be different from others we are no longer ready to put our efforts for it. All we do is feeling jealous about the people who are extremely talented and resolving to unethical tactics to copy their original ideas and taking the credit of their ideas.

2. Desire to learn

If you are not talented enough but if you have that craving for learning new things you can certainly stand out from the crowd but are we passionate enough to learn new things? I guess very few! If the world would have been so fair and just there would be certainly nothing to worry about. So all the efforts and learning goes about making other people down so that they can rise to the top.

3. Pretending to work

Most of the people that you will come across are just interested in making others believe that they are working. They work or not, learn or not is altogether a separate issue what really matters to them is showcasing that they are working when they aren't actually doing that.

The irony is most of such people will even justify their course of actions in name of doing what is necessary for their growth but the question is how far is this growth justified?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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