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Well, we don’t need a reminder of how awesome our mothers are. From being our saviours to solving problems in the way no one else can, no one actually needs an introduction of what mothers can do and what they do for us. We know that they have always been on our side and will continue being in spite of the odd circumstances in life. On this mother’s day here is my tribute to all the mothers of the universe.

1. A mother will still give you a warm smile just minutes after you misbehaved and made her angry.

2. A mother can understand that something is not well even if you don’t say anything to her.

3. She is the one with whom we had the worst fights. Fights where we can yell at her but deep down our hearts we know that everything is going to alright.

4. No matter how old and independent we become she is the one we want by our side.

5. A mother continues to remain the only constant in our lives, no matter how hard our life is.

6. Moms have a different perspective of the world which sometimes annoys us but mostly just make sense.

7. From hiding things with dads to being the best alarms a mother is a true saviour.

8. From keeping us before herself and things she does a mother proves her unconditional love every day.

9. A mother is a superhero who manages the child and everyone perfectly.

10. A mother trusts her child in a way no one else can do in this universe.


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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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