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Starting a new job is almost always awkward. Expecting that everyone will welcome you with the open arms is probably the best-case scenario. Building the relationships with the people at the workplace isn’t that great experience as one may think.

There are a lot of things that do happen when someone new comes in the office. This atmosphere of suspicion and giggles is filled with amazing elements if the person joins at a higher position.

It is interesting how we judge the person’s knowledge about the work from his appearance. This is the most common and obvious thing that you can notice when someone joins the office. The way people share their thoughts, judgment and what they think about their first impression about the person is something which is quite amazing.

Apart from the element of gossiping, the way we do notice every minute detail about how they look to how they walk to how they talk is something very interesting thing when someone joins the office. Without a doubt, the waves of freshness and excitement are huge when a female makes the way to the office. It is crazy to see how she becomes the crush of everyone wherein the amount of efforts put together by everyone to initiate the little conversation sounds nothing less than the big achievement.

It is also interesting to witness the wave of change that person ought to bring in the workplace by his contribution to the workplace. In order to get noticed the person does everything and it seems funny how that is portrayed to everyone.

What are the interesting things that you witnessed when someone new came in the office?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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