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Seeing the dancing moves of your favourite stars certainly make your feet moving and you act like crazy bees and there are times when this craziness makes us embarrassed in the public because when it’s about Bollywood, it definitely takes over you.

And if you are a true Bollywood fan then I dare that you must have faced this at least once in your life.

You are in some restaurant or in a cafe, if the beat of the favorite song pop up it is certain that a Bollywood person would not resist his temptation to move his feet because by the time he would realise that it's a public place and he is center of attraction, its too late and damage has already been done. Relatable?

You are going somewhere and humming on your favourite song and you forget the lyrics of the song. Then you cannot even imagine the level of weird behaviour which you become part of till the time you can’t exactly remember those lyrics and it definitely gives the public a sense of entertainment.

When you are drunk the old Bollywood songs are a saviour because you cannot better speak your heart then singing aloud the lyrics of old Bollywood songs. This is the time when you give a damn where are you at?

Even if you are dancing very sophisticatedly at some popular place the moment the desi song plays a Bollywood person can’t stop himself from showing your true colours.

Because the Bollywood songs and dance numbers have certainly some different kind of energy which can make anyone go crazy even if it comes at the cost of some public embarrassment we Indians does not give a damn. Agreed?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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