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Just imagine you woke up in the morning and sees that your hairs just look perfect. How is the feeling? Isn't it feels great?

Ask any girl if she has ‘good’ and ‘bad’ hair day? She will reply of course she has, in fact, every girl has those good and bad days in her life.

What exactly is “good hair day?”

A good hair day is basically any day when you feel like your hairs look best or you are having your perfect hair.

How it feels when you have a “good hair day?”

When you have a good hair day everything seems so perfect. It feels like the most amazing day of life when everything in your life goes the perfect way. You're happy. Your mom is happy. The whole world seems happy. Your mood enlightens up on such good days. So good hairs are definitely stress busters for any girl.

When a girl has a good hairs day there are some quite obvious things that she does. For instance, a selfie on good hairs day is mandatory after all these good hair days are so rare in life when you get perfect hair without really doing anything. I don’t know if you are those weird ones who like to flaunt their hairs to the maximum they could. You would see them waving her hairs throughout the day.

Well, it would seem absolutely weird and nonsensical of having such days but the feeling of having a good hair day is just amazing and surely everyone cannot understand it. Right girls? Especially boys!

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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