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The place where we are born certainly has an influence on how we are shaped and the person we become. The way a parent is brought out has an influence on their personality which ultimately affects the child personality. Thus, culture plays an important role in shaping a person.

Consider some examples:

1. When hands do the chatting

They are talking on phones or in person or while smoking the Romans talk with their hands as much as they talk with the mouth.

2. Russians rarely smile in public

Smiling is a gesture of goodwill but you will rarely find anyone in Russia people smiling at strangers. Sad but true, Russians are very stingy when it comes to smiling.

There is a reason why people in different part of the world are so different from each other and that reason is culture.

Why are the people of Lucknow and the people of Punjab completely different from each other?

The basic difference lies in the culture of the place where you are born. I will give you a simple example my cousin sister was well educated but was unfortunately married in a village and thus when her daughter was raised in the village she was completely different from the way she reacted to the situation to the way she talked everything was a transformed version. The reason being the things she learnt in the environment of a village was completely different from the city life and thus she becomes a different personality.

As early as fifteen century also says the same thing that more than the parenting what brings a change in the personality of a child is the culture or the place where the person is reared.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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