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Our parents seem to be the cutest when they are using social media. I remember the latest incident when I noticed a sudden change in my mother’s lifestyle. I saw my mother drinking water more often and that too long after the meal. To my sudden surprise, it happened thanks to ‘YouTube’. When I asked her about the same she said I didn’t know YouTube has so many knowledgeable videos. Well, this is what happens when your parents have just seen the world of Internet.

What are some of the sweet things that happen when your parents become part of the online community?

It isn’t surprising when our innocent parents believe every single word on the social word. Right from the fake messages about being the lucky winners of so and so competition to some tips shared by a relative on a family group they trust everything and when they discuss the same to you ' you tend to have a sweet smile on your face.

They seem to be so exciting about everything that they see. From your embarrassing pics of childhood, they would literally every post every possible thing on social media and at times you can get frustrated in cute ways.

Our mothers will see some cooking video and would definitely want to experiment with her cooking skills and it does seem torturous at some point in time, of course in a pleasant way.

When our parents are on Whatsapp, it’s quite obvious kids have to delete their parents’ number. Why? Because you have to explain every single time when you change your DP or either updates any status. So you can’t take the risk of answering their endless questions. Right? Can you do that?

From keeping a check on us to believing everything there are hilarious differences that you can notice in your parents’ when they are on social media.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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