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A girl can certainly be never satisfied by her wardrobe, no matter the clothes are flowing are out of it as anything. You will always listen to this phrase ‘ Yaar mere pass toh kapde hi Nahi hai pehne ko’ and I am sure every girl will absolutely relate with it.

She has countless reason to explain why she ends up saying she doesn’t have anything to wear and that is the reason why no girl can never deny buying clothes or shopping. Shopping gives her ultimate pleasure; keep her away from the biggest stress of life. Ask any girl does she hate shopping, the obvious answer would be a big ‘No’.

From dress being so ‘red’ to dress being so ‘yellow’, she can give you as many as weird reasons you want from her.

While there are some clothes in which she looks fat, while some clothes do not suit her personality. There are some outfits which she just wore, so she can certainly not wear them again.

Thus, while she is actually finalizing her outfit for the occasion most of them get rejected for ‘n’ number of reasons and conclusion? She needs to immediately buy something because she does not have good to wear and this happens every single time she is choosing her outfit. Does it happen with you also?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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