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Have a zeal and fire in your heart towards dance? It’s time to nurture it and grow it into a potential which will set you apart from others because there are amazing unconventional dance-related careers that you can opt-in your life.

1. Dance Therapist:

If you are someone who wants to have a formal education in your field then this is the best option for you. Dance therapists look after the needs of dancers, as one says dance is much more than providing the entertainment. It helps to connect to the souls. So they are concerned both with the physical and mental well- being of dancers. In India, quite a few colleges provide formal education in the same domain. So you can think of taking it as your career.

2. Dance critic:

If you are someone who is a good critic and loves critiquing the dance movements then this is the one for you. All you have to do is attend various dance shows and concerts and criticize them. You can have your blog, or either you can write reviews or have own YouTube channel also.

3. Dance tutor:

A blend of conventional and unconventional option is what you want in your life then you can think of becoming a dance tutor as well. You can be a dance tutor in some school or in college, depending on your expertise and skills. You can also think about starting your own dance academy if the business is your forte. It is a good option to earn money through the unconventional and feasible path.

4. Wedding choreographer:

In India, couples formally hire a professional dancer which has opened an ample number of opportunities if you have fire and passion for dancing.

If dancing is your passion, never let it go because...

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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