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The posters of the film ‘ Mental Hai Kya’ has sparked debate for the title of the film and dealing with the issue of ‘ Mental stress’ quite insensitively. If you have been following the film and its controversy you might have come across the terms like the Mental Health Care Act, 2017, IPS and CBFC, mad quite likely may not be aware of the same.

There has been a controversy for depicting the subject in a bad light and violating the sections of the Mental Health Care Act, 2017

What does the act say? Is it punishable?

Mental Health Care Act, 2017-

“As per Section 92 (2) of the new Mental Health Act passed by the Parliament, anybody who intimidates or insults the emotions of mentally-ill persons, either verbally or through behaviour, is liable for imprisonment for at least six months plus fine.

Along with it, there have been serious issues raised about the title of the film and IPS and IMA has proposed for changing the title of the film.

What do these organizations do? Are they related to the film industry?

IPS (Indian psychiatric society)-

IPS is the largest professional body of psychiatry in India, the whose stated aim is to promote and advance the subject of Psychiatry and allied sciences in all their different branches deals with any matter relating to mental health concerning the country.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA)

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) is a national voluntary organisation of Doctors of Modern Scientific System of Medicine in India, which looks after the interest of doctors as well as the well-being of the community at large.

According to the news reports the concerned bodies have written to the chief of CBFC, Prasson Joshi for making the required change.

What role Does CBFC Play?

The Central Board of Film Certification: The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) (often referred to as the Censor Board) is a statutory censorship and classification body under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. It is tasked with "regulating the public exhibition of films under the provisions of the Cinematograph Act 1952".

There have been quite a lot of controversies and issues rose by and to the CBFC and the result is most of them are either banned or they surface with the big cuts. While these pose an ongoing debate of violating the freedom of speech and expression, it is still a continuing thing.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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