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While every day should be earth day, every day we should take a pledge to save the planet. How much of us do we actually do it? Do we bother to take a minute of our life to contribute towards the greener planet? In spite of knowing the deterring condition of Earth, we neglect it in full swing.

On this earth day, I am sharing you some of the pictures which will awake you about the worsened conditions of Earth. Have a look at these pictures:

1. Planet is getting sicker every day but we are not realizing it

2. If we will cut the trees at the same place we are probably going to fing them only in pictures.

3. Planet or plastic?

4. Too much consumerism is actually driving real happiness away from us.

5.Plastic is making a lot of beautiful species extinct.

6. How you can make a big difference

7. The ' Bitter Truth' And Future Of Our Lives

8. Efforts That Do Matter

9. A simple solution for the cleaner planet

10. Can we do it?

Have you taken your pledge to save the planet. Please let us know what are your little contributions for the greener planet.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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