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Our world is so much confined to Google, whenever we want to find about anything and anyone we type on Google but surely the world is much bigger than that. There are persons and people, which only can be seen in person. So it is difficult to find about these places on Google and believe me they are so amazing that you would love exploring about it.

1. Senegal and the shocking tradition of tight shoes

It’s just not India but the sexiest practices exist all around the globe. There is a place in China, which had this absolute weird tradition of wearing tight shoes in their feet, just to have beautiful feet because it was believed that more small the feet of women are more beautiful it is. This even led to deformed feet of most of the women that existed there.

However, this shocking practice was abandoned 91 years back and presently there are about 10 women still existing with those deformed feet. Thankfully, this tradition is no more.

2. Pink lake in Senegal:

If I ask you can there be forest, lake, ocean, dessert at the same place? Your answer would be no, right? But there exists a place in Senegal where you can experience four worlds at the same time. The pink lake has a level of salt which is higher than any dead sea and right beside the lake is Atlantic sea, and green forest. The place does not have as many as a tourist but it is definitely a place you would love.

3.. Armenia is the place where gravity does not make sense

A hill in Armenia which will actually make no sense to you. If you put any object at the bottom of this hill, it will just move in the upward direction. Seems like there is no gravity in the place because it takes so much effort when you try moving downwards while when you move in an upward direction it is just opposite the experience.

4 . Hawai wonder man

A man who is nothing less than a wonderful man. There is nothing which can’t he do by using his body. From making his own tattoos to starting a fire with his hand to putting off the fire with his feet, there is nothing which can’t do by using his body.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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