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There is so much happening in our lives that we tend to ignore a lot of things in our lives and talking particularly about workspaces there happen to be situations, people which are at times really very weird but we ignore them assuming how can such things happen with us and that too at the workplace but believe me more you things, more the frequency of those things will increase.

So here are some of the things which one should never ignore in your office.

1. Over- friendly behavior of boss

If your boss tries to maintain an extra- friendly relationship with you like he is messaging you in the late hours it is something which should not be ignored. If you find that such instances are occurring at repetitive mode you need to maintain a distance from him and even if you are facing that problem you need to immediately report the HR.

2. Making you a soft target

Your senior/ colleagues can make you soft target to fulfill their own agendas and motives. You need not to blindly follow ‘ANYBODY’ in the office. If you find anything fishy you immediately report about it to the trustworthy person, otherwise, you can get trapped in their politics.

3. Success with a deep thought

In the race to achieve success and marching ahead, we do things without realising its consequences. So if you have had indulged in any sort of such practice it’s high time you distance yourself because it won’t last forever.

4. Boundary with everyone in office

It is advisable not to be extra- friendly with everyone in the office. It can tarnish your image in the office. You can talk to everyone, there is nothing wrong in that but you need to maintain that line at the workplace.

Remember no one can harm even with the highest powers if they are wrong and you are correct. So bravely admit about it.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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