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We all are told from a young age to not talk to strangers. While that’s great advice in many circumstances but we don’t need to take that seriously always. Talking to strangers has had its own benefits a lot of times. So have a look at them:

Our commuting journey can be a lot more fun:

Most of us commute to and fro from one destination to another by bus, metro, train or auto rickshaws, and rickshaws and we hardly talk to people during our journey, either we are glued to our mobile phones or busy sleeping making our journey dull and monotonous but we can add the spice in our life by talking to people around us. By doing so we can get a lot more diverse perspective on the nitty-gritty of things. Not just that by having a conversation with random people we tend to feel refreshing.

Some warmth gestures can help you in a lot of situations:

We go to a shop to buy things, ask the shopkeeper about the particular thing and come back but have you ever tried saying Hi, Hello or for that matter a thank you after taking that service. I guess very few of us do that but believe me when you do that you feel a lot of pure happiness and positivity. Not just that you can have a little chat with them. It certainly gives the glimpse about a refreshing perspective adding a lot more to our existing knowledge.

Unravel those hidden connections with people:

Apart from that, talking to strangers also help to unravel those hidden connections with people who are lost somewhere. These old or new connections can be of great help in a lot of unexpected situations.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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