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When you are staying away from your home you feel yourself trapped in the web of loneliness and it happens with a quite few people, especially if you have never stepped out of your comfort zone. If you are living alone then the feeling of loneliness haunts you more so if you have never been away from your home it is advisable that you take a hostel or PG with double sharing/ triple sharing whatever you are comfortable with.

However, if you are sharing a room with someone it is likely that you may not feel comfortable especially if you are an introvert and in the most worse cases, it may also turn into ugly fights and arguments. Having said that you surely need some tips to avoid those arguments and make your PG/ Hostel your second home.

Initially, even those little things like turning off lights/ fan, talking on the phone in the late hours, using the room accessories can become the bigger issues in your life. For instance, when your roomie turns on/ off light as per her convenience. She would find disturbing if you are on the phone most of the times. In all such scenarios, it is advisable that you don’t shout or fight with her. It would be better you talk to her politely, make her understand your point.

Also, in the beginning, it is important to build that relationship so you can earn each other trust by doing little gestures. For example, if your call is disturbing her you can go out of the room and talk sometimes. See any relationship is built on that mutual understanding so you need to develop that understanding and that obviously happens with time. You can ask her about her day, cook something for her. These little gestures will make your relationship strong.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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