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When you take one bad relationship in the past as a life sentence you can never have trust in your partner. You will probably view every activity of your partner with suspicion which is definitely not good for any relationship. It is important to understand this fact that the past experience was just a life lesson, not the life sentence.

Distrusting your partner just because you have had an awful past experience will only affect your present relationship. It is understood that the past experience forms an important parameter to take the crucial decisions but when you judge everything in the present on the basis of your past experience you will lose the trust of your partner.

Your partner questions you when you are on another call, or not picking the call, you are going somewhere with your male friend but you choose to remain silent.

A lot of times you neglect those little things when your partner asks you questions every time you go somewhere or does something. You ignore those things considering that past experience of your partner or may be confusing that will possessiveness or caring attitude but that is where you make the mistake. It can actually make things very awful in the relationship.

It is thus important that you have a healthy discussion about the same with your partner. When you are in a relationship both should have that compatibility and understanding to make your point clear.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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