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Elections are the hot subject these days. From common man to the intellectuals everyone has interest in the elections yet the political news and electoral terminologies are too difficult to understand. So here are some of the important terminologies associated with the elections which you need to know to have a better understanding of the elections.

1. Hung Assembly

In an election when a single party or pre-election coalition are not able to get the numbers and win the majority of seats to form a party then the assembly is called a hung- assembly. In such a scenario, the third party which is the independent candidate or otherwise are taken support to get the required numbers to form the government

2. Pre-election coalition

When two or more political parties decide to fight the election keeping aside their difference before the election it is called a pre-election coalition. This is done to win the majority of the seats and fighting against the strong opposition.

3. Post-election alliance

When any political party is not able to win the majority of the seats required to form the government then the party with the maximum number of seats can form the coalition with any party which is called the post-election coalition.

4. Exit- polls

After the voters cast out their vote, a survey is conducted to know about the election results. The media organizations conduct exit polls prior to the actual counting of votes as the actual counting takes time.

5. e-postal ballot system

The non-resident of India can also vote in the elections through the proxy ballot system known as e-postal ballot system.

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