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We all answer some of the questions in the most cliché way. Not only are these cliché buzzwords and phrases annoying and confusing but meaningless too. Do you know what is the worst part? Most of us are not even guilty of using those phrases in our life. We have been answering these questions in a quite thoughtless manner.

If someone asks us ‘What is your hobby’? Without giving a second thought the common answer that we get to hear is Singing, reading, dancing or painting. There are thousands of other things to do and which one may like to do in actual but this is the most obvious answer that we get to hear. People may not have read a single book apart from their textbooks but they flaunt about this reading habit of theirs.

When we were a kid we all were asked this question ‘What do you want to become in your life’? The most obvious answers to these question were a doctor, engineer or teacher. Isn’t it? Is it what we all wanted to be or is it what we have become? Obviously not! But we have using this answer as an escape to be accepted by society or to run away from the thinking process.

What is the mantra of success? ‘Hard work is the key to success’. We have been sick and tired of hearing this cliché mantra of success but is it the truth? Is hard work the only key to success? Definitely not!

If you ask an old age person about their well-being you will probably get to hear “Koi haal nahi hai”. I mean rarely you would get the answer is negative.

Not just that there are some cliché ideas on common subjects too like ‘LOVE IS BLIND’, ‘INDIA CAN NEVER PROGRESS’, BOLLYWOOD DOES HAVE MOVIES LIKE HOLLYWOOD’ and etc. etc.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar

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