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“Madam, bouni time, chhutta nahin hai”. How much we just feel like biting our heads off and hate traveling by public transport they are an inescapable part of our lives and our means of existence. From handling the tantrums of the king of these transports to cope up with the bizarreness of these transport there are daily life woes connected with each conveyance.

So here are major woes connected with them which are defining features of these conveyances also.

1. E- rickshaw

Environment-friendly E- rickshaws are no doubt the revolution in providing the door to door services to commuters but the problem with the e- rickshaw is that they waste our precious time. Yes, they are fast but they don’t move unless its ride has at least 3 people.

2. Rickshaw

With the coming of e-Rickshaws, you will find fewer rickshaws which works on physical labor. So you really have the chance of making you late because it works on physical labor unlike E- rickshaw.

3. Auto- Rickshaw

Auto-rickshaw wala's have their unique swag of rash driving so you have to travel at your own risk.

4. Buses

Along with the safety issues dealing with the crowd of the bus is a hugely challenging task which definitely requires a lot of patience.

5. Metro

Can travel without a seat. Well, you can opt for a metro journey then because it provides a lot of additional features which are an added advantage.

Without a doubt, they are the lifeline for the commuters every day because ‘ Hum garib log apni bike ya car mein thodi aa sakte hai wo bhi itne traffic mein’

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar

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