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We may admit it or not, but we all love shopping at the street markets. They’re cheap, have a knack of satisfying our shopping desires at the cheap and honestly speaking, quite fun also. There are some days when we absolutely thank the universe for the existence of the street markets. It happens to you too, right? That means you are quite normal. Just for fun, I decided to recap the conversations every Indian girl has heard from the shopkeepers at some point in her life!

1. Madam aapke liye special price hai, isse kum kahi nahi milega-

Well, these shopkeepers leave no stone unturned to make you feel that you are special. Indeed, you are!

2. Ek dum Branded item hai bilkul showroom wala

Yeah as if are aliens and don’t know the difference between the original and perhaps. Well, they also know we know it but selling strategy what to do!

3. Aree wah madam kya choice hai aapki

Indeed, every cloth we pick is nice and everyone in this universe have an amazing choice.

4.Hello Maam, excuse me, kuch toh le lijiye

They will literally walk with you if you are in a market like Palika.

5. Maam Sir Ke liye jeans dikha dun?

Oh did I tell you I have a boyfriend?

Enjoy some more of such dialogues...

1. Madam yeh dekhiye kitna sexy piece hai, aap par bahut acha lgega

Oh wow! You know a lot what looks good on me.

2. Le jaoo aapke liye saste mein laga dunga

Yeah, we are your relative, that is why you are providing us a heavy discount. Isn’t it?

3. Maam please come back I have got awesome stuff from you

Well, thank you for thinking exclusively for me.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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