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Why do we call apple as apple? Why is a computer called a computer? You might be thinking what kind of ridiculous question is this? Apple would obviously be called be as Apple. The first thing that anyone learns in their childhood is A for Apple, B for Bat, Right? We are made to acquaint ourselves about names of different things and thus we started believing that. But have you ever thought about how this name came?

Not just the names of these things there are a lot of other things as well which our parents and elders say and we believe it just because everyone believes it. We probably have this very bad habit of believing everything without questioning it.

Take for instance, whenever you are going to doing something good in your life you are told to eat something sweet probably curd and sugar before leaving. Do you know the logic behind it? A sign of good luck is what you have been told but how the eating sweet is linked to good luck, have this thought in mind.

One reason of this could be "Simple carbs" like sugar, candy or cereal could have a negative effect by causing your blood sugar to drop if you work out or go for a walk immediately.” However, there is no scientific explanation to prove it.

We all have sugar cravings after having our meal and our meal is actually incomplete without a good dessert. You know why? According to a Bangalore-based nutritionist, Dr. Anju Sood, "After your meals, the main function of the body, which takes up a majority of energy, is digestion and because digestion takes so much energy, the body craves an energy spike which it gets in the form of sugar. Sugar forms as a source of quick energy."

So before believing anything blindly just think, think and think…

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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