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“Bura Na Maano Holi Hai” but surely a lot of people does not believe in it. They find this festival as one of the idiotic festivals probably the way it is played by people. Everyone has different ways of celebrating the festival. From people who lock themselves in a room to people who beat their maximum time in bathing, there are different types of people who have a different meaning of Holi.

Different types of people on Holi


People who don’t like Holi probably put in their best performance in avoiding the festival but we all have those people in our list from whom we cannot escape. It is hilarious to see how these people react when someone plays Holi with them. “Mujhe Colours se allergy hai”- Probably these people also have no idea when and how they become allergy to colours.

2. Skulks-

Then you will find people skulking about how dirty people play Holi. The sophisticated people will creep about colours and how horribly people play Holi. They would even compare the Real Life Holi with the Bollywood people.

3. Unaffected People

There are people who just remain unaffected by the festival. For them, it is another day to sleep and rest. They love spending the festival with Gujjias, Thandai, sitting on the couch and chilling with Netflix.

4. Wholehearted People-

Final in the league come the people who prepare a day before doing their Holi Shopping- Purchasing colours, Gulal, Pichkari and planning about the day. They are the one who plays with the utmost enthusiasm in life.

How are you going to play Holi?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar

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