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People were happy then. They used to live together without much of grudges and hassle in the family but with the growing urbanisation, the social structure went under a change. With the people migrating to the cities and urban spaces the nuclear family came in a trend where everyone preferred living separately. In present times there would be very few joint families and that too are facing everyday feuds.

I have seen a lot of families around me where things were quite normal when the two generations were living with their parents but as the son got married things began to change soon. From bearing the responsibilities of the parents to handling the daily chores there were issues around everything. Who is held responsible for that? Was it the new bride who came to the family was so self-regarded about herself and her husband? Were the changing times to be blamed for this?

No doubt, there has been growing responsibilities in the family and maybe it is difficult to manage everything together but things were so nice and pleasant when all the cousins used to play together, eat together, study everything. There was fun in doing everything and life was so exciting I wish cannot that time come again and can’t we ponder about the root because of it, maybe we could bring things back to normal?

Can’t the new bride who came to the family think the complete family as one? Everything can surely come on track if everyone is thinking on the same line.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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