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You may also have friends in your life who are absolutely movie-freaks who can dedicate a blissful 72- plus hours hopping on the couch because for them having a weekend with no plans at all is way better than having a weekend jam-packed with the exciting plans. These people just love, adore every kind of cinema and probably live because of it.
If you too have had such movie- freaks in your life, then it is quite likely that you had faced that embarrassment in your life because you obviously cannot ever match their levels when it comes to knowing about the movies and if you are someone who has the least interest in movies then quite obvious you hear all these phrases at least once in a day or may be much more than that.
Before going further have a look at these common dialogues that you get to hear if you are someone who does not watch movies:

1. ‘Tum survive kaise kar rahe ho’-

As if we need movies to breathe that we cannot survive?

2. Puri Zindagi tumne kiya kya hai-

If movies are your world, it does not mean that it has to be the world of everyone.

3. Sara din tum karte kya ho?-

The world is beyond the movies also. Right?

4. Tumne ye bhi ni dekha?

Nahi dekha.. Toh?

5. Tumne life mein kitna kuch miss kar diya hai-

That was my choice. Why do have so many problems?

6. Tumhari life kitni boring hai

Oh really?

7. Tumhe toh kuch bhi ni pta

Yeah, movies will decide about that?

It’s good that you love movies. Those who don’t love that have their choice too. Why so much show off bro?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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