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It is normal for parents to argue, but the way these disagreements affect children varies greatly. Similarly, whatever they do and say especially during childhood have had an effect on their mental health.

I have heard this phrase from my parents’ n number of times that they are working hard and earn money for us. They want to see us happy n blah blah...
No doubt parents strive to make the lives of children better and in doing that they become so busy that the children seem to feel neglected.

However, there are few things which actually questions what they say...

1. They say they are earning money for our happiness. But really?

Every time we ask our parents to make holiday plans they plainly refuse because according to them they have so much work that they cannot take time for us. But the question is What’s that purpose of earning money when they cannot devote time to their children?
2. They say we spend so much time on mobile phones/internet

They say we spend so much time on mobile phones/internet but this plant of addiction was probably sown by them in our childhood because it was our parents who gave us mobile phones to listen to songs, watch videos and so on..when we were infants. So Are they not to be blamed partially for the addiction to mobile phones?
3. They say we don’t understand them

They say we don’t understand them but how much they have been spending time with us to know what we want in our lives. No doubt money and work are important but they have also been prioritising work than relationships.
4. Parents usually complain of not sharing things with them

Parents usually complain of not sharing things with them but they are the one who created fear in our minds for every little thing right from the childhood and quite obvious things probably we heard and saw in the childhood made us what we are. So they definitely need to be blamed for providing us with that environment. Right?
Thus, parents should definitely refrain from doing and saying these things because it can have a negative impact on their minds.

Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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