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Every meal is an adventure and being with a foodie is definitely a treat to watch. Their ever ready hunger for the smashing dishes will make you fall in love with the people who are absolute foodies. They do not view food just as a basic daily experience. They are madly and deeply in love with the food and they can do anything to satisfy their cravings for their favourite foods. Foodies definitely have pleasant habits which are quite crazy and different from the non-foodies.

1. Ordering things…

Foodies just don’t want to miss anything in their life. They have cravings for pizza, burger, chilli potatoes at one time and one thing is just not enough. Even if the hunger gets satisfied their craving for the food is never-ending.
2. After eating…

Even after consuming 4 plates of food if you hear ‘Bhuk lag Rahi hai or kuch khane ka mun kar Raha hai’ then don’t get surprised because it is quite normal for them and thing of every day.
3. Sees food pics on Instagram

According to the recent study, it has been proven that people who see a lot of pictures related to food have more intake of unhealthy foods and this happens with the most foodies quite often. The moment they see some cheese foods they are just not able to control their cravings for the same.
4. Choice of food

Their craving for food is so specific that I wonder how is their tongue so intelligent, I mean how do they do it.
5. Significance of food

All they think about is food…. food…food…No matter what you are talking about its very obvious then food will automatically in their conversation.
6. Celebration

Foodies freely admit to spending way too much on the food in every celebration of theirs.
7. General Knowledge

Where ever you go they would have an idea about what you will find good there because they have already explored everything around them.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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